Tkumah sadeek

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Tkumah Sadeek (Tic-oo-mah Suh-deek) is a vocal recording artist, poet, performer, as well as skilled songwriter and vocal arranger. Utilizing the transformative power of words and the healing element of music her sound combines the emotive qualities of tone, melody, and harmony with intense poetic lyricism and powerfully nuanced vocal styling. The essence of Soul, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Hip-Hop and Deep House all live inside her music and are fused with percussive rhythms and deep grooves.


Her current releases on Future Vision Records are collaborative efforts with DJ/Producer Ron Trent. This includes songs such as “Crossroads,” “In Time,” “I Will Be There,” “Universal Love”, and “Till I See The Light.” These songs have garnered worldwide acclaim among music lovers and house music fans alike.


As a resident artist with Chicago Park District’s Inferno Mobile Recording Studio, Tkumah has sought to give the youth participants a greater understanding of the fundamental components of song creation and empower artistic expression through beat making, lyric writing, and recorded vocal expression.