Selah say


Selah Say is a Chicago based DJ, Performer, and Co-Founder of Make Weekdays Great™️ a lifestyle brand and creative collective focused on enriching everyday of the week through our Instagram advice series, #ReallyGoodAdvice, developing engaging programming, and creating events that provide mindful culinary experiences intentionally creating menus for our events which incorporate the same caliber of entrees for vegans, vegetarians, & meat eaters alike.

Selah Say’s Sound:

Selah Say hails from South Carolina where as a child, she spent her days singing, listening + absorbing to music from all genres & time periods, & dreaming of spreading her wings beyond the South. Her first stop was Philly, then NYC’s downtown scene, then Charlotte, NC, India for a period, and now Chicago. Selah Say effortlessly blends music from many genres & in any given set, you can hear music ranging from 90’s R&B, Classic Rock, 60’s Nigerian Funk, to Trap & Soul, Classic TV Show Theme Music and all in between.