About Inferno:


we are the Chicago Park District's mobile sound and Media arts program, and we create community-relevant and participant-centered digital media with people all around Chicago. For six weeks over the summer, our artists work with young people in the Chicago Park District's day camps, teens, and special recreation groups to create and record digital media. Through creative writing and digital music making, participants explore collaboration and document their own ideas to share at home and with the world. In addition to Inferno's work during the summer, we continue to facilitate a wide variety of musical, visual and documentary projects and events year-round.


Originally conceived by a group of teens at Marquette Park, and named the Inferno Mobile Recording Studio, we provide youth and community with the tools to create self-authored digital media experiences. Inferno travels citywide providing a safe, positive, collaborative environment to imagine, experiment, and play with digital media. In addition to its ongoing partnerships with the TRACE (teens) and YCS (12-14 year olds) programs, we offer participants of all ages and abilities the opportunities and training to produce original, aware sound and image creations relevant to their communities and their lives.

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Participants are encouraged to be active producers of digital content rather than passive consumers through active listening, creative experimentation, collaboration, and discussion. Comprised of mostly self-taught instructors, Inferno promotes self-education as an empowering, lifelong and life-changing skill that all people can utilize.



In addition to programming, we document creative events, programs, and artists that thrive in our parks. Park Portraits, our ongoing public story archive, captures park staff and park patrons’ experiences in dance, theater, music, visual arts, and media across Chicago’s parks and Cultural Centers.

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Check out some of our annual highlight reels below:

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INFERNO 2017 ⬏


summary of what we're about and Inferno's 2016 city-wide collaborations

2015 ⤴

a brief intro to Inferno and the creative projects that young people did with us in Chicago's parks


Highlights from the summer, when IMRS visited 13 parks and collaboratively made songs and videos with Day Campers from all over Chicago.


The Inferno Mobile Recording Studio teamed up with summer day-campers in nine parks throughout Chicago to create songs and movies about issues relevant to their lives. They took a field trip to the Gene Siskel Film Center at the end of the summer to view their creations on the big screen.